Spielberg Pens Night-Only Horror Shorts

Spielberg Pens Night Only Horror Shorts

Famed filmmaker Steven Spielberg is himself writing a horror series for the programming service Quibi, a series that users will only be able to see when their phone knows it’s dark outside.

Company founder Jeffrey Katzenberg revealed the news on Sunday at the Banff World Media Festival. Katzenberg says: “Steven Spielberg came in, and said, ‘I have a super scary story I want to do. He’s writing it himself. He hasn’t [written anything in a while] so getting him to write something is fantastic.”

Katzenberg says Spielberg has already written 5-6 episodes (or ‘chapters’ as Quibi calls it) of a 10-12 chapter story that will go by the title “Spielberg’s After Dark”. Like all chapters on the service, each will be about 7-10 minutes long.

Quibi has already raised $1 billion from investors for an April 6th 2020 launch with the aim of being a ‘third generation of film narrative’ alongside movies and TV. Eight productions will be ready to go at launch, with a further 26 to roll out every other Monday over the first year. Quibi will aim to offer 125 pieces of new content a week and be priced at $4.99 with ads and $7.99 without.

Others already been tapped to produce for Quibi or star in its projects include Steven Soderbergh, Guillermo del Toro, Sam Raimi, Catherine Hardwick, Anna Kendrick, Doug Liman, Laurence Fishburne and Antoine Fuqua.

Spielberg was also the one who came up with the idea that viewers can only watch his program after midnight but before sunrise with phone tracking keeping tabs on when the sun rises and sets in a user’s area. A ticking clock will appear on phones counting down as to when the shorts are viewable.

Source: Variety