Spielberg: “Indiana Jones” Won’t Be Recast

The “Indiana Jones” franchise will come back sometime in the near future, but in what form is what has gotten everyone speculating in the past year or so.

After Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012, it was clear the franchise had been put on the backburner until the Mouse House had re-launched the “Star Wars” universe. With that now about to happen, talk of the return of Dr. Jones has picked up in recent months with some reports suggesting a reboot with someone like Chris Pratt taking on the role.

Producer Frank Marshall essentially dismissed those reports the other month, saying a fifth film in the series would involve Harrison Ford returning or wouldn’t happen. Ford himself has expressed a desire to return as well, and now one person with a large amount of say has weighed in – Steven Spielberg.

The director of all previous four films in the franchise spoke with Screen Daily this week and seems to suggest that reboot talk is pointless because Ford will be the only one to play the character:

“I don’t think anyone could replace Harrison as Indy. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. It’s certainly not my intention to ever have another actor step into his shoes in the way there have been many actors that have played Spider-Man or Batman. There is only going to be one actor playing Indiana Jones, and that’s Harrison Ford.”

Though a fifth “Indiana Jones” may be in the works, there’s no idea at this point when the project might actually go into production.