Spielberg, Cranston Team On LBJ Mini-Series

Following his Tony Award win on Sunday night for Best Lead Actor in the play “All The Way,” Bryan Cranston is reportedly being sought to reprise his role of President Lyndon Johnson in an upcoming miniseries adaptation of the play.

Robert Schenkkan penned the work which is being optioned by director Steven Spielberg through his Amblin Entertainment banner.

Spielberg reportedly wants the “Breaking Bad” star to reprise his role in the film which spans the early part of Johnson’s administration, from the Kennedy assassination and the passing of Civil Rights legislation, through to his landslide re-election victory.

Schenkkan has reportedly penned “The Great Society,” a second play about LBJ, that premieres in July and deals with the rest of Johnson’s administration. Whether that will be part of it as well is unknown at this point.

Source: Deadline