Spielberg Considering “Montezuma” Film

Steven Spielberg has apparently set his sights on “Montezuma” as a potential next directorial effort.

“Schindler’s List” scribe Steve Zaillian has reportedly dusted off and re-written an acclaimed but unmade fifty year old script by Dalton Trumbo (“Spartacus”). Trumbo penned the 205 page script in 1965 as a vehicle for Kirk Douglas.

The story tells of the clash between Aztec emperor Montezuma II and Conquistador Hernan Cortes as Cortes led an infiltration into Mexico in 1519. The project will be told from the perspective of Cortes, a role that Javier Bardem is said to be circling.

Zaillian will produce the project. DreamWorks is in control of the rights, but Zaillian has a first look deal is at Fox.

Source: Deadline