Spielberg Brings Tintin To Life

Its been linked with them for many years, but now it’s finally official – DreamWorks will be bringing iconic Belgian comic-strip hero Tintin to life says The Hollywood Reporter.

Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy will produce the near $100 million film about the fictional journalist and adventurer, but Spielberg is not expected to direct. The “Raiders” helmer first bought an option to film the character back in 1983 but the film didn’t eventuate.

Herge Studios chief Nick Rodwell said it is still unclear which of the 23 Tintin books will be chosen for a first movie, nor could he say whether the film would be live-action, traditional animation or CGI.

The move comes on the eve of Herge’s centenary celebrating the books which were penned between 1929 to 1976 and remain timeless thanks to their complex stories, rich characters and surprisingly adult level of politics and themes.