Spidey/Avengers Crossover Still Ages Away

Rumors of Spider-Man possibly joining The Avengers as a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have whirled like crazy over the past 36 hours, but a new report in EW has put a damper on that enthusiasm.

Sources from both Marvel and Sony have confirmed to the magazine that “delicate preliminary conversations” are under way, but it’s so early that any potential team-up will not happen in the near future. At the earliest it would be “few years from now” according to their sources.

But a lot depends on Sony’s “Sinister Six” film due out in November 2016. With audience fatigue regarding the webslinger having set in, the hope is the upcoming film about the Spidey villains can revitalize the franchise for the studio. If it fails, the mag says only then would we likely see any negotiations between Sony and Marvel about some character crossover.

There’s also another obvious issue – Marvel is full-up. They already score most of the toy and merchandise revenue from the franchise, and they have plenty of other characters to occupy their own schedule. With Marvel’s slate already filled out through to the end of the decade, even if they landed the rights shortly after “Sinister Six” they probably wouldn’t be able to get a fully fledged Marvel Spider-Man film up and going for at least another a few years after that.

In related news today, Badass Digest reports that Sony may well use the “Sinister Six” film as a “soft reboot” of the franchise with a freshly re-cast Peter Parker joining forces with the title villains to “take down a larger threat.” As a result, a straight up new “Spider-Man” film may be off the cards for even longer than the loosely targeted 2018 date set out for “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”.