Spidey Drop On “Homecoming” Set Videos

Following some photos of it earlier this week, some decent quality video has emerged of some outdoor filming on the Jon Watts-directed “Spider-Man: Homecoming” with the Spider-Man character seen dropping down and then stringing up a bike thief using his web-shooters to subdue the criminal. The web itself will be added with visual effects in post-production.

Atlanta Filming posted the videos on Twitter along with a photo of both actor Tom Holland and his stunt double on the set. The villains of the film have yet to be revealed beyond the already announced Michael Keaton as the Vulture and Logan Marshall-Green as a secondary villain not yet revealed, though rumored to be The Tinkerer.

On top of that there’s talk of Michael Mando playing Carnage and Abaraham Attah as Miles Morales before he dons his Spider-Man outfit, none of that has been confirmed though. Production is currently well underway in Atlanta ahead of a July 7th 2017 release.