Spider-Man’s Aunt May Gets A Spin-Off?

It’s known that Sony Pictures isn’t sure of what to do next with its “Spider-Man” franchise. Yes “Sinister Six” and “Venom” are planned, but for now it seems various ideas and possibilities are being floated about.

There also seems to be a push to give female characters in this universe their time in the sun, with the rumor the other week being of a spin-off codenamed “Glass Ceiling” involving several female “Spider-Man” characters teaming up.

This week’s rumor though tops that in terms of sheer unexpected craziness. Latino Review reports that the studio is looking to do a spin-off film about Aunt May, yes Peter Parker’s aunt.

According to the site, the project essentially sounds like Sony’s attempt at an “Agent Carter” style scenario with a young May Parker caught up in a “Mad Men”-era espionage story.

At present, “Sinister Six” is the next actual film coming from the franchise and it’s due for release in 2016.