Spider-Man To Go Up The Duff?

With the new “Spider-Man” cast, attention has turned towards who might be playing his love interest – a character whose name even hasn’t been confirmed as yet.

It’s a slow news week though when a short comment during an interview with hockey player Mike Comrie, stumbled upon by Comic Book Movie.com, has spread across the online blogosphere like wildfire.

Comrie is the husband of actress Hilary Duff and the interviewer for The Globe and Mail visited their house and drops the comment that “a script marked “Spider-Man” sits on the table with lines for a character simply called “girl” highlighted in yellow”.

Could Duff be playing Gwen Stacey, the character many expect to be the love interest for this incarnation of the character? One expects this is the first of many rumoured names we’ll be hearing for the role of the lady who gets to see Peter Parker spray something other than webbing.