Spider-Man Team-Ups, Kraven Rumors

Further information about the potential cinematic future of “Spider-Man” keeps trickling out this week. Today, The Daily Beast has posted some more.

It appears the studio is still pushing forward with ambitious spin-off plans. This would include a “female Spidey movie”, and an “Avengers”-style team-up involving characters from different upcoming Spider-Man-related projects like “Sinister Six,” “Venom” and a new standalone “Spider-Man” movie.

Suggestions reportedly under consideration include the new Spider-Man first appearing in “Captain America: Civil War,” the avoidance of yet another origin story, the iconic story “Kraven’s Last Hunt” from the comics being potentially adapted, and the studio possibly ditching a “teen Spidey” to explore a Peter Parker dealing with adult issues.

Part of the reason they are considering this team-up is that 20th Century Fox is rumored to be steering its “X-Men” film franchise and its upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot to eventually come together for a team-up film. There’s also talk that “The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are linked to potentially helm a standalone “Spider-Man” film for 2018, likely the animated one reported on earlier this week.

In related news, Variety reports that Lord and Miller were sought for a Sony Animation ‘brain trust’ along the lines of those at ‘Pixar’. However, it didn’t happen and it appears the loss of key talent at Sony’s animation and visual effects companies may have played a big factor in the decision.