“Spider-Man” Scribe On Studio Split Reaction

Spider Man Scribe On Studio Split Reaction

In the wake of the Sony and Disney/Marvel split over the usage of Spider-Man, it quickly became apparent that Sony was the one that was drawing the ire of Marvel fanboys as they understandably want to keep their beloved Peter Parker within the MCU.

Why Sony and not Disney drew all the ire though is baffling to veteran screenwriter David Koepp. The “Jurassic World” and “Mission Impossible” scribe has familiarity with the subject – penning the script for Sam Raimi’s 2002 “Spider-Man” film which helped kick off the superhero film wave that has increasingly dominated multiplexes for nearly twenty years.

Talking with Den of Geek this week, he was asked if he was keeping up with the news on the studio split over the character and Koepp indicated that the passionate defense of Disney is strange to him:

“I’ve read a few articles about it, yes. I understand both sides. Disney wants what it wants, and obviously it’s used to acquiring and controlling. But I understand Sony’s point of view better: ‘But wait, it’s ours. We own it. You can’t just have half of it. You can’t just take it.’ So it’s a tough situation.

And I think certainly the last couple of Spider-Man movies have been terrific. But the animated film that they did without Disney’s involvement was, you know, even more terrific. What’s weird to me is those Marvel movie fans who are quick to spring to Disney’s defense like they’re a plucky underdog who needs to be defended. [laughs] They are not a plucky underdog.”

Disney isn’t an underdog in any sense of the word, the mega-corporation dominating much of the market share of the film industry at this point. Both studios have legit arguments over their use of the franchise but for now talks have seemingly ceased between the pair.

The most recent film, “Spider-Man: Far from Home,” recently hit Digital HD and is coming to disc shortly.