Spider-Man Reboot Slaps On The Clearasil

With Marc Webb now officially signed on to direct the “Spider-Man” reboot, further details have begun to emerge about Sony’s new plans for the webslinger franchise reports Risky Biz Blog.

First up forget every casting rumor you’ve heard, getting the director locked down was the first priority and now that he’s there, only now are attentions being turned to casting the Marvel superhero. Webb himself is only signed on for one but with an option for at least two more.

The biggest surprise is the budget. The initial production estimates have the budget standing at a very modest $80 million. To give you a comparison, Raimi’s first “Spider-Man” in 2002 cost $140 million while the third film cost $260 million.

How in the hell can they keep the cost down? The cast will be relative unknowns, while the storyline will not be based on the classic comics of the 60’s which Raimi used but rather the recent “Ultimate Spider-Man” run by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley.

That series was as much about high school angst as saving the world. The villains are likely to be adapted to better fit that environment, while the character progression will likely be a lot slower to allow the studio to spread things across more sequels.