Spider-Man Reboot On Track For $125M?

Though it’s arguably the least anticipated of the three big superhero films of this Summer, that doesn’t mean “The Amazing Spider-Man” won’t make a small fortune in its own right.

The Hollywood Reporter says that early tracking figures indicate the superhero reboot is tracking to earn $125 million in its first six days from Tuesday July 3rd through to Sunday July 8th. The figures would make it easily the best performing film of the Summer outside of “The Avengers”, and are on par with that of the first “Iron Man” film.

Comparatively in their first six days of release the first “Spider-Man” earned $144M, “Spider-Man 2” took $180M, “Spider-Man 3” scored $176M. In comparison with other superhero movies, “X-Men First Class” scored $70M, “Batman Begins” took $80M, “Thor” took $81M, “Iron Man” scored $121M, “Iron Man 2” got $153M, “The Dark Knight” raked in $222M, and “The Avengers” scored $258M.

The film is tracking strongly with males of all ages, but is also performing well with young females due to its young stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

The figures come following a half-dozen early print reviews from the UK (now up on Rotten Tomatoes) which paint a generally positive reaction. Time Out claims “We’re never far from romance or laughs, and at times ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ feels like a romcom upgraded to include 3D and industrial cobwebs”, while The Guardian says “Webb successfully treads a fine line between keeping the hardcore superhero-movie fans happy and injecting a dose of meaningful affect.”