Spider-Man, Infinity & An Aroused Statue

Disney used E3 to announce that Spider-Man will be featured in a new play set as part of the “Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes” edition launching from Disney Interactive later this fall.

The Spider-Man play set will feature a storyline which follows the Green Goblin as he tries to destroy SHIELD. After capturing Venom to extract and clone symbiotes from him, he hires Mysterio to be his second in command and wreak havoc on the Marvel universe.

The characters join the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Iron Fist and Nova who also serve as playable characters in the newest incarnation of the popular game.

In more amusing Spider-Man news, a sculpture dedicated to the webslinger hanging off the Lotte Shopping Center in the Korean city of Busan has been the subject of controversy following numerous complains.

Artist Eunsuk Yoo created the work which went up last year depicting Spider-Man hanging off a building overlooking the shopping center’s children’s playground. It’s not the character that’s the issue, but rather that he appears to be sporting a sizable erection pointed directly towards the playground (click for the uncensored pic).

Yoo was offered the option of modifying the statue, but he opted to remove it. He posted on his Facebook page (via Kotaku):

“I am the artist who made this piece. My reason for it was that I wanted apply the natural physical phenomenon to a superhero depict whats’s natural in the morning without lies and superficial-ness in a comical way.

There have been some comments on various community sites and Facebook pages that this is lewd and a disgrace to the source material. Lotte Shopping Center has received many complaint calls this morning from a certain organization, and after their meeting, it was decided that I have to either modify or take the statue down. Instead of modifying my work, I’ve decided to take it down.

It was ok for about a year and now it has to be taken down due a sudden interest in the piece, which is sad. But I understand that a piece that could be potentially interpreted as lewd can be offensive at a place like shopping mall. It’s disappointing, but I’ll reach out to the public with a better work next time.”

Neither Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield’s penises could be reached for comment.

Source: Variety