Spider-Man In “Civil War” More Than Expected

With so many heroes populating it, and with Captain America being the dominant one because it’s his movie, the logical assumption was that actor Tom Holland would only make a brief appearance as the new Peter Parker (aka. Spider-Man) in Marvel Studios’ upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”.

Turns out that’s not the case. With the film having begun screening for critics, one at Screen Crush has revealed that the character gets a lot more on screen time than first thought. Specifically they break it down as Parker without his costume nabs ten minutes of screen time, while a fully costumed Spider-Man gets around twenty minutes – adding up to a full half-hour of webslinger action.

No further minor revelations from the film have been released so far other than a proper confirmation of Daniel Bruhl’s role in the film being Baron Zemo as has been speculated for a year or so. Holland’s Spider-Man has been, by far, the most praised element of the new film in social media reaction in the past few days following the first screening outside the studio. More is expected to be on the way soon with a CinemaCon screening on Wednesday.