Spider-Man Gets Fun “Civil War” Fight

It looks like Tom Holland’s first appearance as Spider-Man in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” may be more than just a cameo.

Birth.Movies.Death says that while Holland already filmed his Peter Parker cameo in the film over a few days, stunt men and various other pre-VFX techniques have meant that ‘Spider-Man’ has been on the set much longer.

The site says we will see the costumed teenager in battle, and in fact it will quickly become known for being one of the best superhero battles put to screen: “not because of how top tier the face-off will be, but because of how profoundly dorky and unlike any other big screen superhero fight it will be.”

Certainly it sounds like it could be one of the few light-hearted moments in what is otherwise a very serious sounding next entry in the “Captain America” franchise. “Captain America: Civil War” is currently slated for release on May 6th next year.