Spider-Man First Costume Photo

The first-look image of Andrew Garfield as the new “Spider-Man” has just been released by Sony Pictures. Click the shot below to check out a larger version.

Also included below is this gamma-boosted version to highlight the parts of the costume the quite dark official shot is hiding. As you can see, the look is much rougher and more real world practical than the smooth, CG-patterned hi-tech spandex of the Raimi movies. Maguire’s costume didn’t look like something a high school kid could whip up, this on the other hand looks closer to the mark.

The lightened version shows off more body contour lines, a rougher grain to the suit texture, gold metal elements on the wrist that could be mechanical web shooters, and even the talked about VPL created by Garfield’s codpiece. Check it out below: