“Spider-Man” Director Talks Mid-Credits Scene

With “Spider-Man: Homecoming” out in cinemas, post-release discussion has centered on several moments in the film from the ‘MJ’ joke & ending to the continuity-busting ‘8 Years Later’ tag at the start.


One other element being discussed is that of the mid-credits stinger in which Adrian Toomes/Vulture (Michael Keaton) is in prison and chooses not to reveal Peter Parker’s secret identity to a fellow inmate.

The film’s director Jon Watts tells EW the moment is purely one about redemption and not a case of Toomes wanting to get revenge for himself:

“He gets a moment of redemption and he gets to protect Peter, even though Peter would never know. It’s his way of saying thank you. You couldn’t just rely on the tropes of the villain being a murderer and killing a bunch of people. He had to be redeemable in some capacity in the end and that he believes everything he said, especially about his family.

So it was a really fine walk to create a villain that still has that moment of redemption in the end. Those scenes with [Toomes] and Peter in the house, where he’s driving Peter to the dance — that right there is the reason for doing the movie. That, more than anything else, is what I was looking forward to, and I got to have a lot of fun shooting that stuff.”

Watts also says that the option is there for the character to return down the line should they want: “Toomes definitely could come back.”