“Spider-Man,” “Crawl” Take The Box-Office

Spider Man Crawl Take The Box Office

“Spider-Man: Far From Home” in its second weekend was easily expected to win the box-office, and that proved true with the film taking in another $45.3 million to add to its domestic total which sits at $274 million. That is ahead of the total gross of both “Amazing Spider-Man” films and last year’s more acclaimed ‘Into the Spider-Verse’.

Worldwide though things are even rosier with the film having already raked in $847 million globally – meaning it will soon easily pass “Spider-Man 3” and its $890 million worldwide gross to become the highest-grossing Spider-Man film of all time and the first to break the $1 billion mark. Speaking of Marvel, “Avengers: Endgame” is going to leave cinemas soon and while the ‘re-release’ push did help, the film still stands $8 million behind “Avatar” in terms of the worldwide box-office record.

Of the newcomers, “Crawl” came out on top with a third-place haul of $12 million – an excellent result for a film that only cost $13.5 million and had very little marketing. The studio didn’t pre-screen the film for critics which has been to their detriment as reviews from critics have been very solid – as has the audience reaction.

“Stuber” on the other hand tanked. The Bautista & Nanjiani action-comedy earned just $8 million in its opening weekend and critical reviews were fairly poor. “Men In Black: International” is slinking out of the Top 10 it would seem with just $2.2 million this week which means it won’t get much past a total domestic haul of $85 million.

In limited release, the Awkwafina-led “The Farewell” opened to the year’s best per-theatre average of $87,833 per screen over four screens along with some of the year’s best critical reviews. The Jesse Eisenberg-led “The Art of Self-Defense” opened on seven screens to a strong $17,286 per screen and also very good reviews.