Spider-Man Costume Ribbed For Pleasure

Pop Sugar has posted up a bunch of photos from the Los Angeles set of “Spider-Man” showing the web crawler doing various stunts around a car. The site claims it was Garfield himself in costume for these scenes.

What is surprising is the new details of the costume. Under the harsh glare of the spotlight new details have emerged about it including a series of ribbed horizontal lines across the entire blue part of the outfit. Also rather oddly, the crotch has been darkened to an almost black coloring, while the eyes are mirrored rather than a flat silver like the Raimi films.

The outfit itself looks EXTREMELY tight, a cup masking any VPL but not much else (nice bum). Check out the shots below, and I’m not sure how to explain some of the lower images, though look carefully and you’ll see a second Spider-Man in the back seat.