“Spider-Man” Concept Art Shows Web Parachute

Marvel Studios concept artist Ryan Meinerding used his social media account to post a look at some concept art from “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which offers a look at Tom Holland’s Spider-Man becoming tangled up in a parachute.

Thanks to the help of a Tony Stark designed costume capable of 576 different combinations, Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is capable of various tricks and feats that his predecessors haven’t had from impact webbing to spider-tracer, spider-signal and more.

One thing you won’t be seeing much of those is ‘Spidey-sense’. Speaking with CinemaBlend, director Jon Watts explains why that particular power isn’t really in the film:

“I feel like we have seen a lot of Spider Sense in the previous films, so we didn’t really lean into that as hard as they have in the previous films. But I do think it is a really interesting thing to explore.”

“Spider-Man Homecoming” arrives in cinemas this Friday.