Spider-Man & “Avengers” Crossover Hints?

A recent rumor over on Hitfix suggests that Spider-Man may swing his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some form. The site says:

“While I can’t get the confirmations I need to verify the story, I’m hearing that there are some very cool ‘Spider-Man’ plans being discussed that would help Sony refocus their enormously important franchise while also opening up some connections in the on screen Marvel movie universe that would blow fandom’s minds.

I would love to be able to state for sure that it’s happening. What seems clear from what I’ve heard is that Marvel wants to be able to play with all of their characters, and if they can make that work creatively and on a corporate level, they will, and that means the world gets bigger again.”

With Sony having difficulty figuring out where next to go with its “Spider-Man” franchise now that their ambitious plans have been retracted somewhat, blending Peter Parker with the characters of The Avengers might just give the webslinger the shot in the arm he needs.