Spider-Man 4 Set For May 2009

The latest release schedule changes have seen one significant new entry – “Spider-Man 4” set for May 2009. Seems a generous guess on Sony’s part.

“Watchmen”, the film adaptation of the much beloved comic will get a May 22nd release – head to head with the fourth “Indiana Jones” film.

“The Dark Knight” has been moved up a month to June 13th 2008, back into the regular mid-June slot for Bat films. One slight hitch – the “Hulk” sequel is scheduled for the same day.

Both “Bond 22” and “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” will be fighting it out on November 19th 2008 with the Bond film pushing back two weeks to hit that spot.

Finally the clusterf**k next year is set to be July 11th with “The Mummy 3,” “Hellboy 2” and “Sin City 2” all scheduled for release the same day.