Spider-Man 4 Gets Delayed

With Sony Pictures and director Sam Raimi still fighting over the direction to go with the villains for the latest “Spider-Man” installment, not only has the scheduled spring production start been delayed (as per IESB) but now there’s talk of the film departing its May 2011 release slot says the trades.

Raimi is still pushing for the criminal Vulture as the primary antagonist in the film, the studio is against it and wants both a different villain and a romantic sub-plot with the Black Cat. Several writers have tried to deliver a script to appease both parties’ wishes without much success. Alvin Sargent is the latest scribe to come onboard and both parties are awaiting his draft.

The film remaining in its current May 6th 2011 release date seems highly unlikely considering the lack of a final script for the visual effects-driven tentpole. The move would leave the first big weekend of next Summer open with the best bet being “Thor” moving up two weeks to take its place.