Spider-Man 4 Arguments Halt Production?

IESB.net reports that production on the upcoming fourth “Spider-Man” was put on hold late last week with Sony Pictures and director Sam Raimi arguing over who should serve as the film’s villain.

The site claims Raimi is pushing hard for the Vulture to be the antagonist, just like he did for “Spider-Man 3”. The original “Spider-Man 3” was to have Vulture being the Sandman’s cellmate, the pair having escaped together and Vulture pressuring the more passive Sandman into committing crimes.

However the studio wanted to get the much more popular Venom character on the big-screen and so Vulture was ditched to acquiesce to Marvel’s demands. The resulting mixed reviews speak for themselves on how that went.

Despite that the studio is apparently once again pressuring Raimi to use a villain that’s popular right now and selling titles, which essentially means anyone BUT Vulture. “Spider-M4n” is also the name being bandied around the office for the film.

Since the report, a Sony rep tells Superhero Hype that the production is “simply on hiatus for the holidays and production will resume in the new year”.