Spider-Man 3 Final Fight Details

Even if you’ve been avoiding spoilers, you can pretty easily guess there’ll be a big fight between Spider-Man, Venom, Sandman and possibly someone else at the end of the third “Spider-Man” film.

Now, FilmIck has what they claim to be a complete spoiler breakdown of the sequence which takes place at a construction site. Avoid if you want to wait (though this is unconfirmed):

“Peter is trying to take the Sandman down; Eddie Brock as Venom is here to try and take Peter down; and Harry does his best to lend Peter a hand.

The Sandman seems to pull out of the fight after his young daughter intervenes… The Sandman’s ‘submission’ gives Spider-Man his chance to best Venom.

Peter finds himself under attack from the host-less symbiote as it tries to posess him once more”.

There’s a lot more spoilers to be found here including the fates of the likes of Sandman, Harry Osborn, Mary Jane, Eddie Brock and the symbiote along with one alternate death for a villain which looks like it won’t happen.