Spider-Man 2 News: IMAX, Novak, Doc Ock

IMAX and Sony Pictures Entertainment have announced that “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” is set to be digitally re-mastered into the immersive IMAX® 3D format for release in IMAX® theatres.

Meanwhile, actor B.J. Novak spoke briefly with The Huffington Post late last week about his secret role in the film:

I’m in a couple of scenes. Yeah, I was never told whether or not I could say. I can say that I work at Oscorp. And I am someone from the comic books, someone from the original. So, yeah, I’m somebody. I wouldn’t say I’m pivotal, but I’m not an extra, either.

Meanwhile the latest article on the Daily Bugle viral site for the film name checks Otto Octavius (aka. Doctor Octopus) as a world-renowned nuclear researcher and Oscorp employee.

The rollout for the film begins internationally on April 17th ahead of a U.S. domestic release on May 2nd.