Speed Stalls Domestically, Hits Globally

Dreamworks’ video game adaptation “Need for Speed” hit a roadblock at the domestic box-office this weekend. The $66 million-budget film not only scored scathing reviews, but debuted in third place to a lower-than-expected haul of $17.8 million.

A write-off? Not so fast. The film also launched internationally in 40 markets and did very healthy business, taking in $45.6 million outside the United States – almost half of that from China. Having essentially made back its production budget in the first weekend, and with some major territories like Germany and Japan to go, don’t count this out just yet.

Action sequel “300: Rise Of An Empire” is also doing robust global business, with its worldwide tally at $158 million at the end of its second weekend. The first “300” managed $245 million globally, this won’t be that far off.

‘Rise’ came in second in the U.S. with $18.8 million, beaten by holder “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” which took the top spot with $21.2 million. Tyler Perry’s “Single Mom’s Club” was the other major opener this week and it bombed, nabbing $8.3 million and one of the worst openings for the filmmaker/producer to date.

On the limited release front, Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” continues slaughtering the competition. Expanding from four screens to 66 screens, everyone expected last week’s record-breaking $202,000 screen average to plummet. It did fall, but still managed a very impressive $55,152 in its much wider bow.

Despite debuting on VOD at the same time, the 291 screen run of the Kickstarter-funded film based on the series “Veronica Mars” cracked the top ten with ninth place and a $2 million haul. That’s a very healthy $7,5000 per screen average.