Speed, Saturn, Hulk Updates

Producer Joel Silver claims that the Wachowskis already have story ideas for both a sequel to “Speed Racer” and their upcoming project “Ninja Assassin”.

Guillermo Del Toro (“Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Devil’s Backbone”) has said some more about “Saturn And The End Of Days”, his next childhood horror film – “It’s about a kid named Saturn watching the Rapture and the Apocalypse while on the way back and forth from the grocery store. It’s like, what would happen if the Apocalypse was viewed by you [while] doing errands. You go back and forth and nothing big happens except the entire world is being sucked into a vortex of fire”.

Finally Louis Leterrier, director of the upcoming The Incredible Hulk, has downplayed the very public rift between he and the studio over final cut – “Listen, when you have problems [on a film], you learn what to do. Everyone comes to an agreement where everyone agrees to say it was one thing or it was another thing. But [this controversy] is not a real thing, so I am saying one thing and [producer] Kevin [Feige] will say another thing, because it’s a non-issue.”