Speed Racer Reviews & Opening

In the quartet of tentpole movies hitting this month, it looks like the Wachowski Brothers “Speed Racer” has drawn the short straw.

Tracking numbers have it pegged for a relatively soft opening (one that could even put it in third place), and with around half of the major critical reviews counted, the film is pulling up a 33% positive ranking on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomato-meter – along with an average score of 5.1/10.

Not necessarily a bad thing – other films to have landed the same scores of late include “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” “Vantage Point,” “21,” and “The Bucket List” – films that whilst not panned, were not really endorsed either. Even Speed’s main rival, Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz rom-com “What Happens in Vegas,” is only scoring a woeful 4.5/10 average score.

Whatever your opinion you’ll get to make up your mind today as it opens in theatres. For those who haven’t made up their mind yet, or those of us overseas who still have to wait a little longer to see it, the first seven minutes of the film have gone online.