Spectre To Be Longest Bond In History

Daniel Craig’s upcoming fourth outing as James Bond is looking to be both his and the franchise’s longest entry to date.

Three British theater chains (via Digital Spy have posted runtimes for “Spectre” ahead of its Blighty release next month. Two place the film’s runtime at 160 minutes and another at 155 minutes.

That would put it well ahead of “Skyfall” at 142 minutes and “Casino Royale” at 144 minutes which were the previous longest running films in the franchise.

Director Sam Mendes was said to have locked the film the other week so it’s unlikely to be cut back any further. In related news, Naomie Harris takes on the role of Miss Moneypenny again not only in the film but in a new tie-in Sony commercial which has just gone online. Check out that sequence, helmed by Bond title sequence designer Danny Kleinman, below: