Spectre Rome Shoot Costs, Waltz On Blofeld

Earlier this week came reports that the next James Bond film, “Spectre,” was boasting an estimated budget of over $300 million. Now, some of that extravagant spending has been confirmed it seems.

Variety reports that preparation is underway for the production’s filming on location in Rome. Currently shooting at Pinewood Studios in the UK, the crew will head to Rome in mid-February next year and conduct five weeks of filming in the Italian capital.

The Italian leg of the film’s shoot is expected to cost around $62 million according to Rome daily La Repubblica, with much of the cash spent on some major action sequences including complicated car chases, parachute drops and helicopter scenes, all set in various parts of the city which will require closing of some major thoroughfares at night.

Areas around the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, and even the Vatican will be used for car chase scenes with one vehicle getting thrown into the Tiber and another reportedly getting crushed. Cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema is also set to use aerial drones for some of the filming.

Further filming is set to take place in Tangier and Erfoud in Morocco, Mexico City, and at Solden and Lake Altaussee in Austria.

Meanwhile, actor Christoph Waltz has seemingly denied the rumors that his villain character Franz Oberhauser is actually Bond’s arch-nemesis Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Screen Crush spoke to him and told him people don’t believe he’s just playing a character named Franz Oberhauser. He responded: “No, That’s a fact. I can guarantee.”

Asked if he had heard the Blofeld rumors, he says: “Yeah, yeah. I have. The character is called Franz Oberhauser. F-R-A-N-Z, Oberhauser, and I don’t need to spell that.”