Spectre Headed For A $75-80M Opening

The first projections are in and it looks as if “Spectre,” the upcoming twenty-fourth James Bond feature, is on track to open at around $75-80 million in the United States on its November 6th-8th opening weekend.

That figure is less than the $88.3 milllion opening of “Skyfall,” though that film got a major PR boost from the fact it was the 50th anniversary of the franchise along with other high-profile promotional stunts like Daniel Craig’s double parachuting out of a helicopter during the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony.

Tracking is strong for the film, especially among males over 25 where total awareness is at 74%, definite interest is at 64% and first choice is at 18%. These numbers could change though depending upon which way the film’s buzz goes as the movie will open from Monday in the United Kingdom with reaction to follow soon after.

Source: Deadline