Spectre Has A $300 Million+ Budget?

“Spectre,” the upcoming fourth film starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, looks set to cost double that of what his first film “Casino Royale” cost to produce.

Variety reports that the new Bond film could cost over $300 million.

In fact, a memo they’ve received indicates the film’s budget “sits in the mid $300 million” range – a big jump from the $210 million (pre-tax breaks) that “Skyfall” cost to make, and the biggest single budget for a film in history (“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” holds the record at an even $300 million). Understandably it seems the producers are looking at ways to trim costs.

Amongst the cost cutting measures are shooting a nighttime scene in London instead of Rome, adjusting the finale’s location and setting in Mexico to better highlight the more modern aspects of the country, and cutting back on the number of carriages used in a train sequence. The film’s producer Barbara Broccoli reportedly responded to the requests, saying they essentially weren’t possible.

CNN Money has some further information about the film. For starters, Andrew Scott’s role of ‘C’ was originally going to have Chiwetel Ejiofor in the role (but the “12 Years a Slave” star was too expensive). Also, the villainess role of the film will be a lesbian, but it’s not clear if it is Monica Bellucci or Lea Seodoux’s character (likely the former).

Filming on “Spectre” is currently underway in the United Kingdom.