Spectre Gets Hinx Photo, Video Blog

More new promotional material regarding the next James Bond film “Spectre” has gone online today. The new issue of Empire, which features Daniel Craig’s Bond on the front cover, has also posted the first photos of Dave Bautista as the henchman Mr. Hinx and Lea Seydoux as the mysterious Dr. Madeleine Swann.

Both actors spoke about their roles as well. Bautista says: “When I came over to meet Sam [Mendes], I only asked two questions. I asked him if Mr. Hinx was a badass. He said, ‘Yes, he’s a badass.’ I said, ‘Well, is Mr. Hinx intelligent?’ He said, ‘Very.’ That’s what I like about Mr. Hinx. He’s very well-dressed and very well-mannered. I’m not just here to fight people. He has a sense of humour. He definitely knows what a metaphor is.”

Seydoux says her character is similarly smarter than many will expect: “I don’t consider myself a Bond girl. I think I’m not really the stereotyped Bond girl. I feel quite different. You can’t be like, ‘Oh, James.’ You have to find something else. She’s not a fighter, she’s a doctor. She fights in another way.”

Sony Pictures have also revealed the second in their series of video blogs, this one focusing on the film’s director Sam Mendes who speaks about why he’s come back and what the central theme of the film is:

“The reasons I’m doing the second Bond movie are the reasons I would do any movie, really, which is all to do with the story. And in this movie, Spectre what you have is a movie entirely driven by Bond. He is on a mission from the very beginning. It’s about whether or not to pursue the life he’s always pursued, whether he matters and is he going to continue or not. And you’re going to have to come to see the movie to find out whether he does.”

“Spectre” is slated to hit cinemas around the world in late October/early November.