Spectre Director On Those Blofeld Rumors

The biggest selling point of the upcoming twenty-fourth James Bond film “Spectre” is of course the return of the titular evil organisation last seen over four decades ago.

What isn’t as clear, though heavily suggested, has been the return of the group’s iconic villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld. While Christoph Waltz plays the villain in “Spectre,” a character named Franz Oberhauser, it has long been suspected the name is a bluff along the lines of Liam Neeson’s Henri Ducard in “Batman Begins” or Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison in “Star Trek Into Darkness”.

The film’s director Sam Mendes has partly addressed those rumors in a new interview with Empire, saying:

“The B-word! We talk about it all the time. It’s the great figure from the Bond vault, as it were. There was this big spectre hanging over the movie and the franchise, which is Blofeld, and what happened to the supervillain. That’s all I’m going to say. There’s some big stuff the movie is moving towards. There are depth charges you hopefully don’t see coming.”

The filmmaker also spoke fans demanding to know if Waltz is Blofeld ahead of seeing it in the film and the apparent backlash that came with that aforementioned “Star Trek Into Darkness” reveal:

“Why was there a backlash? There’s a narrative as well. The naming of a character is part of a story. The audience cannot and should not be given – and I’m not confirming or denying anything – information that the characters do not have.

And preserving tension in the narrative of a story that is a riff or an acknowledgement of the iconography of Bond over the years has been crucial. Otherwise you have taken an audience out of the narrative before it’s even begun.”

In related news, two clips related to the film are out today and worth a look. The first is a fifteen second instrumental grab from Sam Smith’s “Spectre” theme song “Writing’s On The Wall”. The second is a new 90-second tie-in ad for Heineken that serves as a tribute to numerous Bond films.