Spectre Bond Girl Details, Trailer Tomorrow

EON Productions, MGM and Sony Pictures Entertainment have released several new photos of the four key women in the upcoming James Bond film “Spectre”. USA Today posted the article along with quotes from all four actresses about their roles.

Lea Seydoux (“Blue is the Warmest Color,” “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol”) is Bond’s love interest Madeleine Swann: “The doctor daughter of an assassin, Swann comes into contact with Bond at her Austrian clinic, and while there is a spark between them, their first meeting is abrupt, to say the least. He comes to find her, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.”

Monica Bellucci (“The Matrix Reloaded,” “The Brothers Grimm”) stars as Lucia Sciarra, the Italian widow of a murdered mafioso: “She comes from a man’s world, but when the attraction between them takes place and she realizes her feminine power on him, then she trusts him to save her.”

Naomie Harris (“Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Skyfall”) returns as MI6 agent Eve Moneypenny: “[The events of Skyfall] made her reassess what she was doing as a profession and what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. She wants to support in a different way. There’s a maturity in that decision and a groundedness you see with her.”

Stephanie Sigman (“Miss Bala,” “The Bridge”) is Estrella, who appears in the film’s opening sequence. Sigman has been sworn to secrecy about her role, only saying: “She’s a lot like me. We like to have fun and we’re joyful people. I found her really easy to play and go with the flow and just be me.”

The pics come ahead of the film’s second theatrical trailer which is set to hit earlier than expected – tomorrow. The trailer premieres July 22nd at midnight US-PST, 3am US-EST, 8am UK-BST, and 5pm Australian EST. Sam Mendes helms the new film which is slated to hit cinemas on November 6th.