“Spawn” Getting Another Animated Series

One of the most iconic and yet underrated of 1990s animated series was that of HBO’s “Spawn”. Launched the same year as the critically slammed live-action film, the Emmy-winning series got everything right about the property that the film failed to pull off.

Incredibly dark, violent, adult and atmospheric, the show’s first season in particular remains a hallmark for the genre and starred the great Keith David in the titular role. Now, twenty years on and with another live-action film on the way, it looks like a new animated “Spawn” is also incoming.

During his appearance at New York Comic Con this past weekend, “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane revealed to ScreenGeek that there are plans for the character’s return to television:

“I’m going to get the [Spawn] movie out and then we still have the rights for TV and animation and we’ll just figure it out. I’ve also got to figure out how to get Keith David in my movie, too. Just for one line.”

Production on the long-anticipated live-action reboot is slated to kick off in February, no word on when an animated series might begin production let alone air at this point. The original HBO series is available on HBO Now.