“Spawn” Creator Talks Costume Changes

Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn” character has an immediately identifiable look which effectively separates him from every other comic character out there. The black and white body, green eyes, the flowing red cape, the chains, and so forth are all key elements of the memorable design – take any of them away and it’s not really Spawn is it?

Of course, with a new “Spawn” coming to the screen it’s certain the character will undergo a bit of a makeover. The previous live-action 1997 film was fairly loyal to the comic’s look when in full force – but the cost of computer effects and the lack of ability to emote through a static face meant both the mask and cape were only seen sparingly in the final film.

With a new film on the way and the recent news of “The Walking Dead” FX guru Greg Nicotero coming onboard, the same man who designed the 1997 film, fans have become concerned the changes will be too much. McFarlane has addressed those concerns today, telling ComicBook.com the only changes won’t be drastic ones:

“Does Spawn have a dark mask and his body dark and then does he have a cape in the comic books? Yes, yes, yes. Will he have all of that in the movie? Yes, yes, yes. So it’s not like I’m going to give him wings instead of a cape and I’m not going to give him no mask instead of a mask. There’s not going to be any of that. It just won’t be exactly what a hardcore fan is used to.

But I’m hoping that people who just go and are familiar with Spawn will say, ‘Yeah, it’s in the box.’ And people who know nothing about Spawn will go, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ And I have to design for filmgoers not for comic book fans because the filmgoers are going to be bigger than the pool of the comic book fans.”

Jamie Foxx and Jeremy Renner star in the new R-rated film which Blumhouse Productions will produce.