Spaced Gone, Mars Delayed

Great news, it looks like the American TV network’s raping of two great British series – “Spaced” and “Life on Mars” – seems to be off according to Deadline Hollywood Daily.

Fox has apparently declined picking up the McG-produced “Spaced” as a series. The news as a welcome relief to the British original’s creators and many fans who have vehemently protested turning their celebrated Brit comedy into a trashy Fox sitcom.

Meanwhile the US remake of the highly acclaimed time travel-themed cop show “Life on Mars” has hit some major problems. A pilot that was already filmed for the production is apparently being completely reshot with only lead Jason O’Mara staying onboard. Even executive producer David E. Kelly (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice”) may no longer be involved.

While the British remakes seem to have hit the skids, the Australian remakes look set to make the cut. The US version of “Kath & Kim”, starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair, is looking set to be one of the big new shows for NBC. Fox has also apparently picked up “Sit Down, Shut Up”, a US animated remake of the short-lived and generally unknown live-action Aussie sitcom from the late 90’s.

The networks will announce their new series this week in presentations that, due to last year’s strike and the pending economic recession, are expected to be far less lavish than usual and contain only a few new shows per network.