“Southland Tales” To Get A Re-Release?

Out doing some interviews for the 15th anniversary 4K re-release of “Donnie Darko,” filmmaker Richard Kelly discussed the possibility of his surreal 2007 feature “Southland Tales” getting a similar second go in cinemas.

In a new chat with Vulture, Kelly says there’s potential life left in the film – enough that it might get a new cut for a short theatrical run:

“Nothing is official yet, but there have been a lot of internal discussions about bringing ‘Southland Tales’ back in a big way and in an expanded way. I think a few more ducks have to fall into place, things need to be solidified, but there is definitely a path opening to much more ‘Southland Tales’ and we just want to make sure that we’re really doing it properly and realizing the full potential of the narrative. So stay tuned for more on the ‘Southland Tales’ front, that’s for sure. We’re moving things in the right directions.”

Dwayne Johnson, Justin Timberlake, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Seann William Scott starred in ‘Southland’ which was set in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and, unlike the beloved theatrical cut of “Donnie Darko,” was widely bashed by critics and audiences alike upon release.