South Park Caps Off With Movie

When the time comes to close the door on the hit animated series “South Park”, creator Trey Parker tells The Los Angeles Times that they may do it with another feature film.

“We talked about maybe some day doing a movie to sort of end it all, and that seems like the best idea. That’s been a big thought to do the last show as a movie” says Parker.

He admits that we’ve already seen many of the ideas they had been saving for the movie last year. “We came up with this pretty good idea for a movie, and then of course what happened was we got in the middle of a South Park run, and were completely out of ideas and we were like, well, we’ve got to use the movie idea. And that became [the three-part episode] ‘Imaginationland.'”

As of now though there’s no end planned for the TV show incarnation currently in its twelfth season. The previous film was 1999’s “South Park: Bigger, Louder, & Uncut” which became famous for its foul language and memorable musical numbers including the Oscar-nominated “Blame Canada.”