Source Code Sequel In The Works

Roland Emmerich’s go-to cinematographer Anna Foerster has signed on to direct a sequel to Duncan Jones’ 2011 science fiction thriller “Source Code” at The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures.

The first film’s scribe Ben Ripley is back to pen the next instalment of the series. Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farming, Michelle Monaghan and Jeffrey Wright starred in the first, but no actor is yet attached to the sequel.

The 2011 film dealt with a man who finds himself reliving the final eight minutes of the life of another man onboard a passenger train that exploded. As he keeps repeating the eight minutes, he tries different approaches to determine what caused the explosion and ultimately hopes to stop a larger-scale terrorist attack.

No distributor is currently attached, though Gordon and Philippe Rousselet will produce. Foerster has also directed episodes of Starz’ “Outlander”.

Source: Variety