Soul Stone Is A Major Threat In “Avengers”

Going into “Avengers: Infinity War,” only one of the six Infinity Stones remains unaccounted for – the Soul Stone. There was thought around this time last year that either “Thor Ragnarok” or “Black Panther” would use it, but neither film touched upon the Infinity Stones thread set up in the previous Marvel Studios films.

Now, Screen Rant has details from a new ‘Infinity War’ prequel comic which indicates that the Soul Stone itself was likely being saved because of its power. In the comic, Wong (Benedict Wong) explains the Soul Stone to Doctor Strange:

“Little is known about the sixth and final Stone, the Soul Stone. But if what is known turns out to be true, it could prove to be the biggest threat of them all.”

In the comics, the Soul Stone traps souls inside a pocket dimension located inside the stone itself. Speculation has arisen suggesting the ‘afterlife’ scenes in “Black Panther” take place in this pocket dimension.

The quote follows on from news earlier this week about “Marvel: The Universe Unites,” a campaign to help support children’s charities. On March 3rd (this coming weekend), and Disney stores in the U.S. will donate 10% of sales of all Marvel products made this coming weekend to Make-A-Wish.

Additionally another rumor has the film’s runtime set at 150 minutes, while Oscar nominee Sam Rockwell has told THR he’s open to return to the MCU as Tony Stark’s rival Justin Hammer if the Marvel higher-ups should want him back.