“Sorry to Bother You” Hits Global Release Issues

Sorry To Bother You Hits Global Release Issues

Boots Riley’s “Sorry To Bother You” scored rave reviews and has been quite a strong performer in limited release at the U.S. box-office with its blend of sci-fi, satire and strangeness.

However, Riley has revealed on Twitter that the film is failing to get any traction from international distributors – despite vastly out-performing similar scale films that are getting global releases. The filmmaker said on Twitter:

“RE: the international distribution of #SorryToBotherYou: Even though we’re outperforming a gang of other movies, distributors are claiming ‘black movies’ don’t do well internationally and are treating it as such. There are films that bombed here, that they’re distributing. Let ’em know what’s up.”

The belief from within the industry that black films don’t perform well overseas has long been around, even in Western European countries with large black populations. Films like “Moonlight” and “Black Panther” have yielded such success stories in global markets recently that even the strongest naysayers have begun questioning that thinking, but the ‘conventional wisdom’ still exists – at least with some titles.

Source: The AV Club