Sorrentino Shelves His Silvio Berlusconi Film

Oscar-winning director Paolo Sorrentino (“The Great Beauty,” “Youth”) has confirmed that he has shelved plans to make a biopic about Italy’s former Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi.

Sorrentino announced the film project, titled “Them” (Loro), back in August. At the time he said it was meant to be a balanced look at the controversial media mogul turned politician. But in a new interview, via THR, he says he’s effectively given up on it but doesn’t state why he is shelving the project:

“I wanted to write a script for a film about Berlusconi, but it is a complicated story, and it is not always possible to do the film that you want to do.”

Sorrentino adds his focus now is on writing the second season of “The Young Pope,” and only once he finishes the scripts will he turn his focus back to his next film project.

Berlusconi-owned company Medusa co-financed Sorrentino’s last two films and said they weren’t aware and would not be involved in a project such as “Loro” which was expected to begin shooting next year.