Sorkin’s “Chicago 7” Film Delayed Again

Sorkins Chicago 7 Delayed Again

Aaron Sorkin’s long in-development film “The Trial of the Chicago 7” has been put on hold yet again.

The film took over a decade in development before it went into pre-production recently from a script penned by “The West Wing” creator and “Molly’s Game” writer/director.

Amblin has now announced that due to Sorkin’s work on adapting the classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” for Broadway, which is set to debut on Thursday, they are waiting to see how his schedule will balance out.

The true story follows protesters who disrupted the 1968 Democrat party convention with an anti-Vietnam war ‘carnival’ that turned nasty.

After the clashes, independent investigators blamed eight police officers and eight protesters. The police were not charged but the protesters were accused of inciting a riot. One was jailed for contempt, leaving the seven to fight the charges.

Steven Spielberg was planning to direct for years, but he left with the likes of Paul Greengrass and Ben Stiller also having a go.

Source: Variety