Sorkin To Delay “Newsroom” Third Season?

Even though the second season has wrapped, HBO has yet to renew “The Newsroom” for a third season. Many have been wondering why.

Showrunner Aaron Sorkin wrapped the season with a finale that more than a few have said would work fine as a series finale considering it brought closure to almost every character and story arc.

At last report from the network, HBO was “in discussions” with Sorkin about continuing. Now, Sorkin himself told Indiewire at the Emmys that he still has yet to commit to writing another season: “I need time to think about it.”

The show itself has come under a lot of criticism, from its treatment of women to the bluntness of its politics. The second season in particular also underwent some major production issues which saw Sorkin reshooting massive chunks of the first two episodes (the main reason why the season only went nine episodes instead of ten).

Sorkin is also occupied right now with penning both a musical, and a Steve Jobs biopic. HBO likely wants a third season though, especially after the Emmy win, but it seems likely the gap between seasons will go longer than a year this time.