Sorbo, Moore Unhappy With Ratner’s “Hercules”

The Dwayne Johnson-led take on “Hercules” hits cinemas on Friday, and two people aren’t that happy about it.

The first is TV’s Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo. The actor who starred as the demigod in the very popular 1990s syndicated hit “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” says he asked for a cameo in the film, but it was denied. He tells Dish Nation:

“Dwayne Johnson and I used to work out at the same gym, nice guy. We were sort of taken back they wouldn’t let me in that movie, not even do a cameo. I think it’s kind of stupid really. To not put me in a cameo to me is taking the business out of show business. We approached the director. I don’t know what his reasons are. I don’t know if it was political or ego or what it is? To not put me in for a stupid little cameo? The audience would have loved it.”

Sorbo isn’t the only angry one though. A few days ago comic book writer Alan Moore spoke with Bleeding Cool and asked people to boycott the film.

His beef relates to the treatment of the late writer Steve Moore (no relation) who worked on the original “Hercules: The Thracian Wars” comic upon which the film is based. Essentially the filmmaker’s have changed quite a few things from the comics, Moore allegedly never received a payment for his work becoming a film adaptation, and said adaptation has apparently been using the late writer’s name in its marketing.

They are bold claims, it’ll be a while though before we see how this pans out.