Sony’s PGW 2017 Game Announcements

Sony’s media briefing at the Paris Games Week has come to an end with heaps of trailers revealing a boatload of new games exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PS VR.

Amongst the new games the highlights include the big reveal of “Infamous” creator Sucker Punch’s new 13th century Japanese samurai game “Ghost of Tsushima,” the very Quantic Dream-esque “Erica,” the inventive “Concrete Genie,” the beautiful looking Journey-esque “Oure”, and the cinematic platformer “Star Child”.

There’s also a ton of VR game announcements. Check out all the trailers for the new games below:

Ghost of Tsushima

Concrete Genie



Star Child

The Gardens Between

The Hong Kong Massacre

Guacamelee! 2

Loco Roco 2 Remastered

Bow To Blood

Tennis World Tour


Spelunky 2

Dead Hungry

Blood & Truth

PlayStation VR Reel


Sprint Vector